NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 All Episode

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An “NCIS” spin-off following the undercover agents of the NCIS Office of Special Projects, working from a Spanish mission headquarters in Los Angeles.

The Naval Criminal Investigation Service’s Office of Special Projects takes on the undercover work and the hard to crack cases in LA. Key agents are G. Callen and Sam Hanna, streets kids risen through the ranks.

NCIS: Los Angeles brought Rio Syamsundin — really CIA Officer Jeff Carol — back in “Goodbye, Vietnam,” to aid the team in the rescue of Hetty, but while he proved helpful then, does it mean he should return to work with them again?

When we first met Rio in season 7, he was a criminal (or so we thought.) As we found out in his most recent episode, he was undercover. However, his humor was still very much present once he revealed he was CIA, to the point that when he wasn’t cracking jokes, it was hard to take him seriously. He’s definitely not someone who should be around on a semi-regular basis, but does that mean he can’t pop up again for a case-related reason? That depends.

NCIS: Los Angeles Recap: Does the Team Rescue Hetty from Vietnam?

Sometimes They Need a Little Humor:

NCIS: LA isn’t necessarily a serious show all the time. The agents have bantered at somewhat inappropriate times (even if there’s the threat of a bomb), but we don’t tend to see them joking with government officials outside of their unit.

We haven’t quite seen that yet with Jeff either, since they didn’t know he was CIA until they were in Vietnam looking for Hetty and it wasn’t an appropriate time to carry on with any banter, but bringing him back, on their turf in L.A., could be a way to see if that can work. After all, it was amusing to watch them deal with him in “Blame It on Rio,” but they thought he was a criminal at the time.

Wait, a CIA Officer They Can (Maybe) Trust?!

That’s almost like a foreign concept to the team, after the mole arc (that lasted a bit too long.) Right now, they reach out to Sabatino for information, as they did to confirm Jeff’s identity. It’s strange to think that Sabatino’s their go-to CIA contact, and I can’t see that changing even though they now know Jeff.

It would be interesting to see him provide intel at another time — or to see if he and Sabatino can work together. After all, Sabatino called Jeff “borderline insane.”


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